We purchased Jane St. in April of 2010 as a three unit residential apartment building; at the time it was bank owned and vacant. The city of Manchester had also revoked the Certificate of Occupancy on the property due to the overall property condition. We created a business plan to remodel the property which would then improve not only the rental clientele, but the neighborhood as well. While this property was under construction we were able to lease all three units.


The entire property inside and out received a renovation. The most notable changes were:


• The entire building was insulated and resided
• Brand new PT deck system {pictured below}, which included added exterior space for each unit.
• New basement laundry access
• Low maintenance landscaping + Painted foundations to enhance the property

• New drywall installed
• New Flooring installed
• New utilities installed
• Electrical and plumbing replaced throughout entire property
• Complete kitchen remodel
• Complete bathroom remodel
• New Energy Star gas heating system separated for each unit
• New Coin Operated laundry facility in basement